23rd January 2014

Prayer took on new meaning for seven members of the Faifley Adventist church, Clydebank, when they discovered the home they were meeting in during the 10 Global Days of Prayer had a gas leak.

About an hour into their prayer time on Wednesday, 15 January, the five adults and two children, noted the smell of gas and contacted the emergency services. They hadn't realised the seriousness of the matter until a few minutes later when four ambulances, two fire engines and several other emergency vehicles arrived. The entire street was cordoned off.

Audrey was one of the prayer team and states, "It was then that it occurred to me that this wasn't just a scare – it was potentially real danger. I had tightness in my chest and a few of the other members felt dizzy. What added to the scare is that there was a three week old baby with us at the time who had also been exposed to the gas."

All seven members were rushed to hospital, aided with oxygen and had several tests for gas inhalation before being discharged four hours later. It was confirmed there was no carbon monoxide exposure.

"At the time it happened I didn't understand why they made a big fuss out of it. They sent two fire engines, ambulances, and at some point the police came. It was only when I read the story in the news and the reporter explained how dangerous it could have been if something was lit or we inhaled the gas for longer that I realised that God truly saved us. Sometimes we don't realise what God has done for us until much later", says 11-year-old Kiki Magoma.

Faifley members outside churchAccording to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, over the past year more than 330 people have been injured and four people killed as a result of gas-related incidents across the UK. The situation could have been much worse ‒ none of the members were injured but went on to praise God and will always have a testimony about how God saved them from danger.

"It is true that God is my refuge and strength", adds Regina, also a member of Faifley church.

Faifley church culminated their 10 Days of Prayer with an all-night prayer meeting from Saturday evening into Sunday. This was followed by a prayer breakfast early on Sunday morning where members are still rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.

[Kiki Magoma & Audrey Mutongi]

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