27th March 2014

Global Youth Day for Scotland meant not just the beginning of the Youth Week of Prayer but an All Scotland Day of Fellowship that then rolled out with additional meetings in Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Aberdeen youth team and the local pastor had the challenging and yet exciting task of planning for this special day, Sabbath 15 March.  The Aberdeen youth as well as the whole church are very passionate about Christ and leading people to Him and so themed the day 'Purpose for life'. The aim was for a true revival for the youth in Scotland and after much prayer and planning they were blessed to have Pastor Randy Skeete accept the invitation to come to preach in Scotland.

Randy Skeet in AberdeenPastor Skeete is an international evangelist based in Michigan, USA who just loves to preach Bible based messages. The event was held at the Cults Academy and was attended by 246 people from Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh, Dundee and Irvine as well as some who flew up from England.

During the morning service Pastor Skeete challenged the congregation with a powerful message, 'Right direction, Wrong road!' "I've never seen young people sitting so attentively listening to every word", Lionel Kanyowa stated. "It was a clear message 'Seek first the kingdom of God', this is the right road, all blessings of life will come when we put Jesus first."  Thirteen-year-old Olive from Dundee stated, "I have never paid so much attention to a pastor. We discussed the topics all the way home."

At the altar call the front of the hall brimmed with those who took a stand for their Lord and Master. It was almost as if at lunch the youth were digesting spiritual bread rather than bread which fills the stomach. So many were looking forward to the afternoon and evening programme!

Aberdeen Youth DOFTo the amazement of the speaker many returned to hear more of God's Word in the afternoon. 'Can a Christian student glorify God?' The presentation then led to a Q&A session in the evening where Pastor Skeete placed emphasis on the prominence of the Bible in this day and age.  Elizabeth, 16, from Glasgow was grateful that it "Helped me decide where I go in life. Studies have come first but I realise God needs to be first."

Nicky, 16, from Paisley agrees, "It helped me decide what's best for me in life, especially when it comes to choosing music. It has helped me prioritise."

The blessings of the Youth Day flowed out to other parts of Scotland along with the daily readings for the Week of Prayer. Having spent Sunday afternoon at Aberdeen, Pastor Skeete then travelled to Dundee for the evening, preached in Edinburgh Monday night and in Glasgow Tuesday night where 15 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ. He spoke to the Aberdeen congregation once again on Wednesday night. The one-to-one counselling sessions with Pastor Skeete which followed each presentation proved to be very popular with the youth and were a most welcome part of his busy schedule.

Altogether, 25 youth and older people gave their lives to Jesus between the Youth Day and the following Wednesday evening. Global Youth Day turned into a Scottish youth week of blessings.

There is still a lot of work to be done in Scotland. God has only shown us a tiny fraction of what He can do. Scottish youth are praying for revival and Purpose for life.

[Lionel Kanyowa]

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