18th May 2017

Treasurers from the vast geographical territory of Scotland came to Crieff church to attend a day of training on Sunday 9 April.

On a crisp, bright and sometimes overcast day the treasurers sat inquisitively and discussed presentations from the BUC Executive and Associate Treasurers Earl Ramharacksingh and Steve Okelo.

Scottish Mission President, Paul Tompkins, set the tone for the day with a devotion challenging our outlook and perceptions on how we view the world around us. Squares will never be the same again!

Presentations and discussions ensued on being responsible Treasurers, providing transparency and accountability to church boards and local church members.

The legal framework of the church and insurance matters was then followed by a case study and discussion on maintaining good accounting records and identifying financial irregularities.

The BUC team were very happy to see the excellent accounting system set up by former Treasury member Neil Robertson functioning to a very high standard throughout the Scottish Mission.

The attendees were wonderfully fed by our temporary Scottish Mission Secretary Carole Barrett-Peacock for whom we give much thanks.

We thank God for using the talents of these local church treasurers in sometimes such demanding and challenging roles. They provide a vital support not only to church boards, but especially in ensuring that funds are available for evangelism and supporting church programmes.

[Earl Ramharacksingh]

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