Dundee Church celebrates 7 Baptisms

7 Candidates Dundee

8th May 2019


When you are married to one person, you cannot be married to another. If you ever thought of being married to another, this could only happen if the first had died. Strange message to convey, you would think, but that was the apt illustration that Pastor Neale Schofield used to explain, that when we decide to follow Jesus, we have to lay down the old self. We have to die of the old life, before we can be born into the new life in Christ. We cannot be married to both lives.Jeremy

LoraineThe church was full on 20 April 2019, as family and friends awaited the seven to make their way into the water. Plans have been in place for weeks already, and towels and gowns were distributed, and the church was a buzz with excitement as everyone made their way into the Barry Hall, where the pool waited.

JoshlenOne by one, they were called into the pool. Pastors Marcel Ghioalda and Jimmy Botha took turns baptising the seven. Joyce Aori, Jemimah Addai-Peprah, Joshlyn Addai-Peprah, Jeremy Addai-Peprah, Norbert Boros, Lorraine Lumsden, and Evelyn Mattaka. What an addition to the church in Dundee. Absent on the day was Thandie Bhebhe, who was baptised the previous year when she was visiting family in Zimbabwe, and was also voted into the membership of the church in Dundee.Joyce

"I was incredibly nervous before hand", said Jeremy Addai-Peprah, "but now I know I made the best decision". The church in Dundee is blessed to have a handful of students every year, and 2019 is a good year for the church and its young people.

A mention needs to be made of someone special. Geoffrey Aori has played an important part in the preparation of these seven for baptism. Although others have also taught the class, Geoffrey organized the teachers, and always made sure that the students were up to date with their work. Geoffrey was a good communicator, and will be involved with the next round of baptisms the church is planning.

JemimaA few events have taken place so far in 2019, and all of this in the first half of the year. The baptism of 7 in April was only part of the blesing, as the Dundee church is preparing for another baptism date in September, when it is hoped that the congregation will grow again.Norbert

Baptismal classes are ongoing, and a handful of individuals are working very hard to ensure that the best teaching is available for these candidates.

EvelynThe members of the church are active, meeting twice a week for prayer meetings and bible study, and the baptism was in part as a result of that commitment. It is clear that the church in Dundee is a vibrant, outward looking church.

A special thank you to Cinty Sabo, who has taken so many beautiful pictures of the event.

[Jimmy Botha]


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