Kilmarnock gets a new church

3rd February 2019

Kilmarnock 1A New Year brought with it a new opportunity in Ayrshire, as Kilmarnock saw the founding of the first SDA company in the town for 50 years. Meeting at the YMCA building near the town center, 8 members got together, drawn by a shared desire to seek to know God more fully. They discuss a new topic each week on practical Christianity, praise God through music and are invited to hear the biblical message before staying on for a fellowship lunch. 

Coming from as far away as Dumfries, the group is mission minded and eager to meet people whenever and wherever they can: ‘We can expect great things from God if we attempt great things for Him’. They meet from 10:15 – 14:00 every week, and the group encourages all in the area to visit, and join in the development at these early stages. For those who are only available after lunch, the afternoons are set aside for witnessing activities. Kilmarnock 2

For further details feel free to call Justin on 07729 884057.

[Claudiu Popescu]


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