Scottish Mission Leadership Training Day

3rd February 2019

More than 50 leaders from around Scotland attended the 2019 Scottish Mission Leadership Training Day in Crieff. The leaders represented many of the church departments our local churches have, and they attended workshops sharpening their abilities and gifts on this occasion. The Scottish Mission presents a training day annually, helping the leaders in local churches be the very best they can be in their representative departments.DSC_2030

A training day like this would never be possible without individuals who are able to lead such discussions and present all these lessons. Among the leaders presenting workshops were staff invited from the British Union Conference, were Pastors John Surridge, Eglan Brooks, Leslie Ackie and Kathleen Hanson. Other presenters from local churches and staff in Scotland included Dr. Claudette Comerasamy, Margareth Mukisa, Ifeoma Victor-Igwe, Njay Ndlovu, Gabriel Perea, Claudiu Popescu, Jimmy Botha, Rory Mendez and Dr. Paul Tompkins. It can be imagined that with such a host of presenters, the church building was a really busy venue on the day. Areas covered included training for church elders, deacons and deaconesses, health ministries, childrens' ministries, youth, communications, Sabbath school, women's ministries, student ministries, home schooling, safeguarding and the church's data system, ACMS.

The Adventist Bookstore made good use of having such a group of leaders together, and set up their shop in the church, where many were able to buy books and food that they don't often have the opportunity, being so far away from London where the bookstore is situated.

Training DayBecoming aware of the good work that takes place annually to train and equip our leaders, reminds us that our churches are complex, and many events happen there. Many of our members are serving as volunteers in our churches and they need to have all the skills available to them. Our members, when meeting together in our churches will be aware of the increased skills and motivation of our leaders. This also serves as an invitation to all our leaders in our local churches, to keep in mind that the leadership training day usually takes place at the end of every January, therefore only eleven more months to go before the next leadership day takes place.

[Jimmy Botha]


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