Scottish Mission Communications

The SM Communications Department exists to bring you the lates news in every form. We serve to create media in any form and to connect churches with their communities, and the people of Scotland with the church.

The communication department's aim is to help local churches and the wider mission communicate better. The department offers a wide range of services and support.

  • The communication department is responsible for this website.
  • We maintain the Scottish Mission Facebook page and other social media accounts.
  • We can help you set up a website for your local church and group. Make contact and we will help you set up the page and provide support and training.
  • We edit and publish news from around the Scottish Mission.
  • We can provide support and training to support you in your communication needs. 
    • How effective is your church in maintaining a social media presence?
    • Is your church effectively doing online services of different kinds during lockdown limitations?
    • Is your church registered on Google Maps? Do you have up to date photos and reviews to help people learn about you?
    • Is your website up to date and representative of your church?
    • How to write news articles
    • How to make videos.


Media enquiries

Please contact our president Jimmy Botha if you are from the Media and wish to enquire about an issue or an event in the Scottish Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.