Paisley Church Expos again

Paisley Church Expos again

Chichi Kabaso

One in July and yet another in September! Paisley Church has just held another successful Health Expo.

Whilst the July event was over 2 days in the county square, the September event was for 4 hours on a Sabbath afternoon.

After a youth-led morning Sabbath service, the church came together on the afternoon of Saturday 7th September 2019 to serve the Renfrewshire community by offering free health screening, health advice or even just a friendly chat. The health expo is a programme that allows people to check their ‘health age’ against their real age. This is done by measuring factors such as their height, weight, blood pressure and lung capacity. The participants also fill in a questionnaire about their current health habits. A computer then calculates their ‘health age’ according to their performance and gives tips on how this can be improved. 

This health expo was done as part of Renfrewshire county’s “doors open day”, a public event in which people discover new places around their city. It was a great opportunity to minister in service and strengthen the community.

From the youngest members to the eldest, the church members used their gifts to minister in the form of service. The young and vibrant members set to the streets to hand out leaflets and inform the public about the event. Those trained in medical professions were able to carry out tasks at the various workshops and offer insight from their own knowledge while the tech savvy calculated the health results of each participant. The participants then had the opportunity to discuss how to improve all aspects of their health. 

The feedback from the public was overwhelmingly positive with many keen to get into action and improve their health. Some participants had taken part last year and returned to see if they had improved. Other determined to come back next year to show us their improvements. Two of the participants even formed friendships with the youth while taking part and have now began to join in on regular social activities (basketball) organised by the church youth.

Keep it up Paisley – Proud past, promising future!