Crieff celebrates a baptism.

Crieff celebrates a baptism.

CrieffJimmy Botha

Everyone in the room was glued to the beautiful sound of this song, 'You raise me up' as Alex Baraniuc sang before her own baptism. In Crieff there has not been a baptism for the past few years, but Alex was ready to be buried and born anew. The words spoken by Pastor. Jimmy Botha before the baptism, reminded the congregation of the sentiments in the Bible, relating to baptism, that one dies and ends the old life, and is born in a new one.

When Alex was asked what part of scripture she enjoys reading, her reply was 1 Cor. 13. The chapter of love. The love story was told through the lens of baptism. There is little point in doing anything, if it is not accompanied by or carried out with love. Love encompasses everything. When Christ was on the cross, He carried out the biggest ever recorded act of love, saving the human race.

Pastor Bob Rodd baptised Alex and lifted her out again to start a new life in Christ. Many members of Alex’s family and the church family were filled with happiness as they witnessed this baptism. Stephen Peacock and Pastor Bob Rodd have spent many hours with Alex preparing her for this big day.

The church was full on this beautiful day and the family brought a big cake for everyone to enjoy. “I was very nervous beforehand, but the Lord carried me, and I am glad that I have taken the step to be baptised”, the words from Alex during lunch.

The Crieff church is praying for more baptisms soon. Please carry this prayer with you as well. Crieff is a small community slightly off the beaten track. Many events take place in this busy church, but baptisms do not happen as often. Share in the joy of Alex, also remember this congregation in your prayers.

A photo gallery of this event can be seen here.