Death of Vivian (Viv) Llewellyn

Death of Vivian (Viv) Llewellyn

Jacques Venter (BUC Associate Exec. Secretary)

We were saddened to learn of the death of Pastor Vivian Llewellyn on 12 April 2020. Viv was born on 5 March 1934 in Cardiff, Wales to Ralph and Galliver Llewellyn. On 2 September 1958 Viv married Anne Smith and their union brought about two daughters: Stephanie and Elisabeth.

Before entering denominational work Viv first completed a Certificate of Competency: Second Mate (Steamship) from the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation in 1955. In 1962 Viv completed his BA at Newbold College.

Viv began his pastoral ministry in the South England Conference (SEC) as an Intern in September 1962. He spent his entire pastoral ministry with churches in the SEC until his retirement in 1998. Sadly, Anne passed away in April 2009.

Viv was diagnosed with heart problems a while ago, but by staying healthy he added several months to his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie, Elisabeth and the wider family.

We now look forward to Christ's soon return and that glorious resurrection day.