Arc of Hope: Adventurer and Pathfinder E-Camporee

A first ever combined E-Camporee for Scotland and Wales

Arc of Hope: Adventurer and Pathfinder E-Camporee

The summer of 2020 is in many ways a summer of firsts. The first ever combined Scotland and Wales E-Camporee for Adventurers and Pathfinders took place from 30 July to 2 August.

ScotlandJimmy Botha

With a combination of two Missions, Scotland and Wales, and with the combination of two clubs, Adventurers and Pathfinders, what could be better? The weekend of 30 July to 2 August was loaded with many good online activities. Children from all ages took part as Adventurers and Pathfinders were all dressed in their uniforms, sashes and scarfs on display for all to see, as they logged in and responded enthusiastically to all the different activities.

The technical challenge of running such a complicated camporee online was easy to handle for the leaders from these two missions and the help of the Pathfinder and Adventurer Director from the BUC, Pastor Dejan Stojkovic. The main organisation and running of the camporee was done by Pastor David Rancic, sponsor in Wales and Pastor Njabulo Ndlovu and Sr. Mthoko Ndlovu, sponsors in Scotland. These three individuals have spent many hours, together with their teams to prepare for this big weekend.

A big weekend, getting together so many from two entities warranted a good incentive for the kids to stay. The best way to do this, is to make sure you involve a team of excellent leaders, who have at their hearts, the wellbeing and growth of our children. Every session included a health segment that was taken by different health professionals. These segments were practical and useful not only for the kids, but also for their parents.

The leadership team secured the services of Chitiga Mbanje, who carries the wellbeing of the children in high regard. Chitiga, who hails from Zimbabwe, took great care, explaining the concept of eternal life to the Pathfinders and Adventurers. There was Pastor Simon Siew, Former Youth/Pathfinder Director for the Southeast Asia Union, who spoke about the soon return of Jesus. Then there was Pastor Jennifer Ogden from the USA, who shared some thoughts about the resurrection. The hope humans have for a life without virus or death, after this life. Pastor Cliffor Herman was one of the speakers, who discussed the idea of restoration. We can all experience a change if we are in Christ, and this change is for our own good, as well as those around us.

Pastor Gabriel Perea has shared the morning devotion, as he walked in a forest near his home. He shared about creation as he walked under the trees. The camporee would not be complete, if Pastor Armando Miranda Jr., North America Division Pathinder Director, was not there. Pastor Miranda shared the story of Noah, the story of the flood that changed the world, and God's promise to the human race, that he will forever care for the human race. The last person involved in this complex E-Camporee, was Cedrene Botha, or as she is perhaps better known to most, Professor Noodlebrain. The professor appeared in every meeting, as she shared in practical ways, some experiments to help remember the messages of each of the speakers. The professor with her experiments will never be forgotten.

Four days of meetings for the Pathfinders and Adventurers in Scotland and Wales, but not only limited to these areas. There was ample evidence that Pathfinders and Adventurers from all over the world logged in and took part. Many different music items by young and less young, made its way around the globe for all to enjoy. This was perhaps indeed an International Adventurer and Pathfinder E-Camporee, and it can be expected, children around the world, are ready for more.

The videos of this weekend is available and can be seen by visiting the BUC Adventist Youth, UK and Ireland Facebook page.