Out for Delivery!

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Out for Delivery!

East KilbrideIvana Mendez

You might remember reading an article about Eliana, who in September 2020, ventured on a fundraising experience for her 6th birthday. Almost four months have passed since £850 (outcome of Eliana's fundraising boosted by a further donation from East Kilbride Adventist church), and 32 sponsored teddy bears were delivered to WASLER – Women's Aid South Lanarkshire and East Renfrewshire.

A Screenshot from WASLER’s Facebook Page with their ‘Thank you’ Message.

We are thankful for the subsequent updates received from Loraine Harris, a Team Manager of the CYP Team at WASLER, which enables us to see the impact of our support to their services. In November, Loraine sent us a special message:

WASLER Team ready to take the Teddies to children.

"Hello, we now have our names and are finding our forever homes with some special children. We will provide comfort and reassurance and will be loved. We hope to make our children feel happy and safe. Thank you for sponsoring us. All the WASLER Trauma Teddies xx."

Some of the WASLER workers, as we learnt, prepared even adoption certificates giving the children the option to change the name of their teddy if they desired to.

On 7 February Loraine shared, "Today is quite exciting for us as we are posting out the well-being boxes to 34 of our children and young people." We trust that seeing the photos showing examples of the contents of the boxes will bring a sense of satisfaction to all who contributed to this initiative. We give God thanks for inspiring us to find ways of supporting women, children and youth, for whom the past months have been difficult not only because of the pandemic but also because of the domestic violence they have experienced.

Hand in hand with our desire 'Your kingdom come' as expressed in our prayers, goes our determination to spread the atmosphere, values and love of God's kingdom while we continue to wait for Jesus' return. May your and our efforts, however small, be blessed by God and have the desired outcome.

Wellbeing Box

Wellbeing Box

Wellbeing Box

More items to be packed into wellbeing boxes