Lockdown Easter with a Difference

Lockdown Easter with a Difference

ScotlandCedrene Botha

The churches in Crieff and Dundee have strived to celebrate Easter with the community each year by way of Messy Church.  Easter Lockdown 2020 certainly put a damper on those plans but for Easter 2021 there was no holding back. 

For those new to the term ‘Messy Church’, this is an outreach programme whereby families both in and around the churches (kids, parents, grand-parents), can spend time creatively crafting, and sharing in a message of the true meaning of what the weekend represents, and would always close with a meal together.  

In this year, 2021, technology played a huge part and through Zoom on Friday evening at 6pm, the children were blessed to have Aunty Moyra Rodd, retired teacher and exceptional artist, share with a beautiful message through the creation of a ’Resurrection Garden’.

When asked what the kids usually associate the word ‘Easter’ with, it was Tyler (age 7) joining in from the community, who popped his hand up first with the response “the weekend Jesus died and rose again”.

Whilst the children read verses from Matthew Chapter 26, 27 and 28, Aunty Moyra began adding soil, moss, stones, sticks bound with string into a cross, flowers and an empty glass onto a pizza tray lined with tin-foil. Clear instructions were given on how to make their own, and the challenge was set for them to spend the weekend making it and then to share it with a friend or neighbor.

The expression on the kids faces when Aunty Moyra presented her final scene: WOW!

Some more of the photos sent in by some of the kids:

A garden sculpture by Olivia and Amelia Wiech from Crieff Church.


From Sammy and Eddie Logan, from Crieff Church.


Nathan's Card.


Nomsa's Card.



Made by Moira Rodd from Crieff Church.

He is Risen

Sunday morning at 10h30AM, another opportunity to create a message of hope to share with friends and neighbors that the stone was rolled away. With the promise that Jesus indeed rose on the third day, He will keep His promise that He is coming again SOON when we will join Him in the clouds for evermore. Cards were made to represent these stones. These cards are bound to please who ever receives them.


Keep an eye open, who knows what next Easter may bring.