Crieff Celebrates Two Baptised

Crieff Celebrates Two Baptised

CrieffJimmy Botha

With summer still warm in Scotland, what could be better than ending the month of August with a baptism service? In the Crieff church, baptism talk has been going on for a number of weeks during the summer, as two young ladies were preparing themselves for the big day. Ellen Mphande and Dasanpelle Owusu have been looking forward to this day for many weeks, and it finally arrived. Don't discount the excitement of the rest of the members, for such a high occasion.

COVID-19 has put a damper on so many events and plans, so, when a church can celebrate the commitment of our young people, to follow the Lord for the rest of their lives, it almost feels like an antidote to the restrictions and limitations that the pandemic has placed everyone under. Not to mention that the day was accompanied by warm sunny weather, so that the members could enjoy, for the first time in a long while, a lunch together outside, under the trees after the service.

The two young ladies were supported by their families, and the baptisms were wonderful to see and be part of. The fact that we still have friends and family who give their lives to the Lord, and request to be baptised, is a sign that the Holy Spirit is still working in people's lives, and that miracles are still taking place all around us. Such was the feeling when a handful of young girls and boys raised their hands when asked if anyone in the congregation would like to be baptised soon. Crieff church is now expecting to have another baptism soon.

We wish Ellen and Das all God's blessings as they continue in their lives to live for the Lord, and as they influence others through their beautiful personalities. Crieff church is richer for having these two young ladies present, and is looking forward to growing the number in the near future. More work is going on in the meantime, to prepare more young people for baptism, and perhaps no one would have to wait for the next summer before they will be able to be baptised.

The picture shows Ellen and Das, and their families, together with Jimmy and Cedrene Botha.