140 Years of Service Celebrated at Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship

140 Years of Service Celebrated at Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship

DunfermlineJim Botha

140 years of service was celebrated by the combined efforts of 5 of Scotland's own, the first set of many BUC legacy Awards to follow at local church level. Pastor Paul Tompkins, Pastor Njabulo and Sr Mthoko Ndlovu, as well as Br Lawrence and Sr Semone Pollard, were honoured on Sabbath, 9 October for a combination of 140 years of work in Pathfinders. Pastor Dejan Stojković, Trans European Division Youth Ministries and Pathfinder Director, did the honours in the presence of a hybrid audience from all around Scotland and the world. Pastor Tompkins received the 40 Years British Union Legacy Award, and the other 4 received the 25 Years British Union Legacy Award respectively. These awards were handed out as the Scottish Mission day of Fellowship drew to a close.

The Scottish Mission celebrates an annual day of fellowship, and 2021 saw the introduction of the first hybrid service, where a part of the congregation was in the same building, and the other part were either at home, or saw the events in their church buildings, as it was transmitted worldwide.

The theme of the day, "I will go: Moved by Compassion", was well echoed by the guest speaker for the day, Pastor Ian Sweeney, President of the British Union Conference. Pastor Ian powerfully painted a picture of an attitude of care and compassion towards those who do not know Christ.

The question raised, "are we crying for those who are lost, or do we feel we know more than others, and are saved, so we're happy?", was considered. Members of the local audience, as well as from the internet, made good observations. It is clear that we ought to pause for a while, and consider how we feel about those who do not know Christ. The love of God in us, should compell us, to consider how we feel about those whom we know, should get to know Christ. No longer can we just feel happy about thinking that we are saved, and forget those who are "lying by the roadside".

The day of fellowship kicked off with beautiful music and singing, led by Charles Lethbridge, Lucas and Jordanna Machado. Spirit filled songs and music was accompanied by Lynn Retallick, who enjoyed being part of the small outfit in the Dunfermline church.

The weekly Sabbath School Lesson study was led by Pastor Njabulo Ndlovu, and his guests were both from the British Union, Pastors Eglan Brooks and Jacques Venter. The discussion took place in the Dunfermline church, but attended by over 100 entries on the Zoom platform.

A full day of activities, that included the afternoon programme, with the investiture of 6 Master Guides who have completed the work needed to qualify. The Scottish Mission is blessed to have these leaders in various churches, who will serve as teachers to lead young lives to Christ. These leaders are Andrew Mason, Sikhangele Ndlovu, Pastor Rory Mendez, Genevieve Zabate, Benjamin Bakina, Dr. Bankole Davies-Browne. As well as sharing some of the work they have done in preperation, 2 of the Master Guides also demonstrated their knot tying skills, and the audience found this exercise to be spectacular.

A full day at the Scottish Mission Day of Fellowship, rounded off with the recognition of years of service, what can be added? Hope, hope can be added. With so many skills and expertise in service of Christ, it is clear that, with so many aspects of life feeling challenging nowadays, the Scottish Mission feel that there is hope, and specifically, hope in Christ. The mission is looking forward to the next day of fellowship, and it is clear that it is impossible to know what is going to happen in a year's time. We have to pray that the Lord will oppen the door, for the mission to fulfil its work in God's vinyard.