Successful Fundraiser Concert at Crieff Seventh-day Adventist Church

Successful Fundraiser Concert at Crieff Seventh-day Adventist Church

CrieffSM Communications

Last Sunday, on March 24th, Crieff Seventh-day Adventist Church hosted a fundraiser concert that not only filled the seats but also filled hearts with warmth and generosity. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for the construction of a much-needed roof for a health and lifestyle centre in Romania. Ruth Farrer, the driving force behind the event, took to the stage at the concert's outset to share her personal experience and highlight the vital role these centres play in promoting health and well-being.

The concert itself, centred around the theme of trees, was a diverse showcase of talent and creativity. The audience was treated to a mix of poems, a drama performance, songs, and hymns performed by a children's orchestra.

The fundraiser also offered a silent bidding platform for a wide range of items, spanning from tangible goods to valuable services like the skillset of a handyman. This creative approach allowed individuals to contribute in different ways, showcasing the breadth of support within the church and the wider community.

Following the concert, attendees had the chance to mingle over refreshments available for purchase. This provided an opportunity to nurture a sense of community and for further discussion about the cause at hand. The culmination of collective efforts yielded an impressive total of £1480.50, vividly illustrating the community's remarkable generosity.

Events like these serve as reminders of the power of unity and collective action. Through collaboration and determination, individuals united for a common cause can make a tangible difference. Let us be inspired to continue supporting initiatives that uplift and empower communities, both locally and globally.

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