Dundee Celebrates Their Pathfinders and Adventurers Achievements in an Investiture Ceremony

DundeeBankole Davies-Browne

On the 13th of April, the Dundee Pathfinder and Adventurer Club celebrated another day of achievement with an investiture ceremony held during the divine service. Eleven of their Pathfinders and Adventurers were invested, while four of their Guides graduated. This ceremony was particularly notable as it represented the culmination of collaborative efforts between parents, grandparents, and the Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders. Congratulations to all the children who participated in diverse presentations, including singing, recitation, PowerPoint presentations, explanations of the meanings of the motto, aim, pledges, and the law, as well as knot-tying demonstrations. Our small community excels in providing opportunities for our children to minister to us during the divine service, and we are grateful to the board for granting us this opportunity.

For many of the children, investiture was a new and exciting exposure. Participants on this day were eager to share their experiences with their parents and leaders, offering valuable perspectives.

Oluwatoniloba Adekoya, one of the invested Adventurers, expressed his love for the activities and his confidence in presenting his item. His older brother, Oluwatobiloba Adekoya, a Pathfinder, shared similar sentiments of nervousness and excitement, proud of his achievements and his ability to deliver his presentation with confidence. Others, like ten-year-old Akachi Enyinnaya and her younger sister Chigozirim, found the experience interesting and rewarding.

Lorenzo Morake, who served as the flag bearer, described his experience as "cool" and though nervous, appreciated the attention of the audience. Uche Ihesiulor, who called for the tithes and offerings, reflected positively on his experience, while his brother Tochi was grateful for the opportunity to participate. Jonas Davies-Browne commended all who participated and was impressed by the achievements of his peers.

David Morake, father of Lorenzo, highlighted the event as a significant moment for his son, emphasising Lorenzo's diligence in preparing for his role. He praised the organisation of the event, considering it a great experience for all involved.

Despite moments of nerves, the investiture was viewed by the children as an occasion for growth. As emphasised by the speaker for the day, the church serves as a place for our children to grow physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially. As leaders, parents, and grandparents, it is essential to continue creating such moments in our church programmes to foster growth.